Are you overwhelmed?

Most of us aren’t just busy or living full lives. We are overwhelmed. Between commitments at work and responsibilities at home, we feel like we’re drowning (the literal definition of overwhelmed).

When I was around 9, I almost drowned at a water park. I was swimming in a large pool full of inner tubes. I stupidly decided to go underwater and then I couldn’t get back up. I can remember feeling trapped and thinking I was going to drown.

But then I had a moment of clarity: I could open my eyes and find a way out. And that’s exactly what I did. I was able to create space, swim to the surface and get some air.

Most parents I know feel like they are stuck underwater and don’t know how to get back up. They feel trapped. They feel like there is no way out.

What we need is a moment of clarity and a plan out.

That is what Balance Both is dedicated to: helping overwhelmed parents design a sustainable life they love.

I found a way out by pursing more work-life balance. And in the process, ended up designing a sustainable life that I love. Balance Both came out of me designing a life I love and wanting to share it with others.

Balance Both will help you

  • Be more present to your family and spouse
  • Be more successful at work and grow your career
  • Live a healthier lifestyle
  • Feel like there is more to life than just work, family, & sleep

We are focusing on productivity, family and health with the following format:

  • Content – Thoughtful articles meant to spark a discussion
  • Confessions – I don’t have all the answers, but I want to start the conversation and I promise to be honest
  • Challenges – Knowledge is not enough; we need to put into practice what we are learning

Top Posts

Here are some of my top blog posts:


Jason is incredibly disciplined and has an unfettered focus that I still envy.Dave Evans
#1 New York Time Best Selling Author
As a father with a two year old, my focus is precious and a fleeting thing.  Balance Both has helped me get more important work done early in the day when I’m more focused. As a result, I have more time for my family and each month of revenue this year was better than my best month the previous year.Burton Li
Founder and President of Sutro Li
With a newborn, responsibilities at work ratcheting up, and time at a premium, it is easy for me to abandon my productivity practices and just work to survive. Balance Both offers a quick reminder of best practices and to re-center myself as I approach each week. The content keeps me focused so I have more time for my family and greater successes at work. That’s why I’ve continued to be an avid reader of Balance Both.Samuel Mandell
Jason has provided practical and realistic principles to help identify areas in which I can make immediate changes. You simply can’t be running at 100% in all areas of life.Colin Corstorphine
Jason gives practical advice I can implement right away. He is great at listening and helping me come up with creative solutions to help balance my work and life.Mary Chong Carrera
Manager and mother of three

My Story

In the spring of 2011 I had a great life. I was working part-time with college students and co-parenting with my wife to raise our two kids. Most days I’d walk or run my kids to nearby parks to play in the afternoon. It was full and very rewarding.

Then in one weekend we moved and I completely changed careers to a 9-5 desk job. A year and a half later we added a third kid. Life was fuller than ever. I still made sure that I got plenty of family time (off by 4pm most days), but work dictated every aspect of my life.

Fast forward to the fall of 2014 when I saw my doctor and all of my lab results revealed that I was not healthy. At that moment I made a decision to change my life. Instead of wishing I could get life back to my old life, I chose to deliberately design a new life that would improve my health and the way I worked. I couldn’t wait for the next milestone with my family to make a change. It needed to decide today to prioritize life over work.

Since that fateful day, I’ve immersed myself in blogs/books/podcasts about productivity and health. My goal has been to find proven strategies to improve work-life balance. Balance Both came out of my two-year exploration. I am convinced that a better, more rewarding life is closer than we think. I’m committed to writing about the small steps we can take that will reap huge rewards in our lives.

I started Balance Both to both challenge myself to live a better life outside of work and share my successes (and failures). It is my conviction that the work-life balance conversation doesn’t have enough people like me—busy professionals, ages 30-50 who have young families. Most of the people contributing to this dialogue are twenty-somethings without families or self-employed entrepreneurs whose kids are out of the house.

I believe this key demographic needs an advocate who can relate to having a tiring day at work and then coming a house full of energetic kids. The best quote I’ve heard about our life stage is “the years are short, but the days are long.” Since our days are so long–both personally and professionally–it is critical that get intentional about how we want to spend our time. Balance Both is designed to help us maximize our time at work and with family.

About Me

busheadshotI’m Jason Rieckewald-Schmidt, a

  • husband of 17 years
  • father of three kids
  • full-time consultant

For the past 15 years I’ve worked remotely, first as a campus pastor and now as a consultant. When we started our family in 2006, my wife and I co-parented until 2011 when I moved into a more traditional “9-5” role. We currently live in the Santa Cruz Area (part of the San Francisco Bay Area).